Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nagarjuna Six Pack Body in Damarukam, Nagarjuna Damarukam Movie Wallpapers & Photos

Now, the King Nagarjuna is getting ready to showcase a six-pack abs for his forthcoming socio-fantasy film ‘Dhamarukam’. Damarukam is a new film starring Nagarjuna and Anushka. Damarukham is directed by Srinivas Reddy and this is highest budget movie in the career of Nagarjuna and produced by Venkat under the banner R R Movie Makers, Music is by Devi Sri Prasad. Tollywood King Nagarjuna is the only hero, who maintains the same physique for the past several years and As per demand of a character in this movie, Nagarjuna is working hard to build the 6 pack abs. Anyways check out here Nagarjuna six pack abs in Damarukam Movie, Nagarjuna's Damarukam Movie First Look Wallpapers, Damarukam Telugu Movie Photos, Pictures & Images.

Nagarjuna Six Pack Body in Damarukam Movie Wallpapers & Photos

Nagarjuna Damarukam Movie WallpapersNagarjuna Damarukam Movie WallpapersNagarjuna Damarukam Movie Wallpapers
Nagarjuna Damarukam Movie Wallpapers


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